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2017 Election Candidates
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Each year the SDPA holds elections for open positions on its Board of Directors and for a seat on the House of Delegates Committee. Voting for these positions will open March 1st and close March 31st. Take a moment to review the candidate platform statements below.

Please take the time to vote once voting opens - this is your organization and your input is valuable!

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order for each position. Please read each statement. Each role is contested and has more than one candidate running for office.

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President Elect

Vice President




House of Delegates


2 Candidates - 1 Open Position


Gina D. Mangin, MPAS, PA-C


My name is Gina Mangin and I have three passions in life: Family, Faith and the Fellowship of my Profession. I started my professional quest over 18 years ago when I entered PA school at East Carolina University. My first exposure to the world of dermatology was during one of my rotations. After graduating, I spent some time in other disciplines up until 9 years ago when I re-discovered my love for dermatology. Like many of you, I found that dermatology gave me great personal gratification through improving the lives of many people.


I attended my first SDPA conference in 2008 and quickly recognized the value it provided to our profession. Along with my indelible passion for mentoring others, a large part of my endeavor has been to give back to the profession that has enriched my life for so many years. I have been a mentor to many students, have been a preceptor for PA students and a contributor in the continuing education and promotion of the PA/SP relationship.


I have been involved in leadership and promotion of the dermatology PA profession for the past 9 years of my career. I started my volunteer work within the FSDPA serving as Director at Large, Vice President, CME chair, and completed a two year term as President. Two years ago I was honored to be elected as a Director at Large with the SDPA. I have been actively involved with many board activities including conference planning, DLI planning, and CMS measures formatting. 


I am proud of my service so far with the SDPA.  Over the years we have fostered a large community of dermatology PAs to nurture growth both educationally and through a networking platform to connect with fellow colleagues. My goal is to expand and grow my involvement within the SDPA. This would include becoming President of this stellar organization and representing my fellow dermatology colleagues. I intend to continue to develop educational programs as well as cultivate further relationships with the AAD and physician colleagues. I believe my past experience as President of the FSDPA and my current Director at Large of the SDPA will guarantee success. I am asking for your vote as President to represent the Dermatology PA profession and SDPA in a positive and ethical manner.

I look forward to your support.  Thank you.                


Gina D. Mangin, MPAS, PA-C


Joleen M. Volz, MPAS, PA-C

Our profession and organization have grown significantly over the years.  We continue to celebrate considerable victories, but also face a number of obstacles within the healthcare system. In response, the SDPA’s dedicated leaders have stepped up, making great strides to advocate for and advance the specialty of dermatology for PAs. It is with honor and pride that I profess my candidacy for SDPA President-Elect in hopes of joining the ranks of progressive, visionary, and inspiring leaders that have led our organization over the past 23 years.

My career as a dermatology PA began in Wilmington, NC in 2003. It was there that I had the distinction of leading the Coastal Cape Fear Chapter of the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants as President for two consecutive years. I became a SDPA member early in my career, and it was not long before I was led to serve as Committee Chair of the Constituent Relations Committee. During that time, I worked to create a more fluid link and support system between the SDPA and state dermatology PA chapters.  Five short years ago I was elected as SDPA Secretary/Treasurer and have continued in that role since then.  I take great pride in the role I have played in maintaining the fiscal responsibility and financial health of the SDPA. As part of the finance committee, I worked to establish and implement guidelines for SDPA travel expectations and a functioning reimbursement policy. With other SDPA leaders and staff, I helped to create a working budget to guide our operations in accordance with our mission and strategic plan. I have also assisted with development of SDPA investment strategies to ensure long-term sustainability of our organization. Four years ago, I was honored to receive the Board Member of the Year distinction amongst my peers on the Board of Directors.

In addition to serving in my role as Secretary/Treasurer, I have been an active volunteer for a variety of SDPA projects.  The most rewarding among them has been my involvement in SDPA philanthropic work, beginning with our Miles for Melanoma program, support of the National Psoriasis Foundation, and now as a Trustee of the Dermatology PA Foundation. I am currently leading a special task force to gather information regarding corporate buyouts and the pros/cons for SDPA members who may be affected.  I vow to continue service to PA and patient advocacy during my term as President, and hope to inspire others to follow as well.

Advanced education is the backbone and foundation of the SDPA and most valued offering for our members. In addition to serving as Secretary/Treasurer, I have also been active as a CME committee member.  In 2016, I worked diligently with a group of six other SDPA leaders to develop our two Performance Improvement (PI) CME projects.  I am currently an author and module manager of the Diplomate Fellowship program, which is due to launch this year. Lastly, I am part of a task force that develops CME post test questions for our conference video recordings to help fulfill our mission to provide ample distance learning opportunities to our members. Despite the broad range of continuing education currently being offered and developed by the SDPA, it is my mission for us to continue to be leaders in the advancement of innovative, up-to-date dermatology PA education.

Over the past several years I have witnessed substantial growth of the SDPA.  I pledge to help maintain the progression of the SDPA and our profession, and to continue to build the organization in its next level of professional growth.  As your SDPA President-Elect, I am confident in my ability to be an advocate and voice of our membership, even in times when adversity presents itself. I am honored to be able to take part in meetings with the AAD Board of Directors as we continue in discussions about the Derm Care Team and how it will affect dermatology PAs. I am committed to ensuring that we are respectfully represented and recognized as an integral part of the dermatology community. We will not step down until there is mutual agreement that is beneficial to PAs. I am prepared to lead our organization through the inevitable discussions that will ensue regarding Full Practice Authority and Responsibility (FPAR) and into the next era of the PA profession. I will stand strong beside legislative and regulatory actions that will enhance your ability to serve your patients and communities.

I would like to thank you for your continued support of the SDPA, which is becoming increasingly important as your SDPA leaders serve as the most influential advocates for our profession. I firmly believe in the power of collaboration between leaders and members, and thus welcome your input to ensure we best represent you.  I would be forever grateful for the opportunity to continue to represent the very best of the PA profession as SDPA President-Elect. 

Joleen Volz, MPAS, PA-C



3 Candidates - 1 Open Position


Jacki Kment, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA

For the past six years I have had the pleasure of serving as Vice President of the SDPA, enjoying both the joys and challenges of this position.  I would be honored to continue serving as your Vice President and would be delighted to receive your vote. 

My passion for our profession and serving others has spanned throughout my entire career. I began my career in 1994 as a family practice PA on the Omaha Indian Reservation in Macy, Nebraska.  At that time I became actively involved on the state level serving as Membership Chair of the Nebraska Academy of Physician Assistants.  In 1997, I became employed as the first dermatology PA in Lincoln, Nebraska and found myself right at home in a field that I found challenging, yet very rewarding.  Seven years ago I became the founding President of the Nebraska Dermatology Physician Assistants and was also honored to have been appointed as the first mid-level Board member to the Nebraska Dermatology Society. 

The SDPA began in 1994 with a handful of passionate and visionary leaders.  Today, due to the steadfast efforts and strong leadership of many, we have grown to nearly 3,000 members and are a highly respected specialty PA organization.  I am truly amazed by the contributions of our members who serve in leadership positions, as well as volunteer committee members who give of themselves to make the SDPA the premier organization that it is today. 

It has been an honor to work alongside such dedicated leaders during my time in SDPA leadership. In 2002-2003, I served as Vice-President of the SDPA before taking a hiatus from leadership as my family grew. I couldn’t stay away for long and assumed the role of Membership Committee Chair in 2010-2011. During that time, the Membership Committee developed the Refer-a-Member Campaign, which increased our membership by more than 880 members in less than five years and we worked vigorously to expand our member benefits.  In 2011, I began my term as SDPA Vice President.  I have worked to redefine that role within the Board of Directors to ensure our hard-working committees are meeting the needs of our members.  In addition, I also dedicated my role to developing and maintaining the SDPA Historical Timeline as a reminder of just how far we have come and to acknowledge the dedicated PAs who have served us along the way.  I am also delighted to be serving as a module manager for our forthcoming Diplomate Fellowship program.  I have been humbled by several leadership awards bestowed upon me by fellow leaders, including the Presidential Award of Excellence in 2010, Outstanding Leadership Award in 2011 and 2012, and Outstanding Board Member Award in 2014.  It is my hope and sincere desire to continue to inspire other leaders with my energetic, intensely passionate dedication to the SDPA, our members, and the patients we serve.

The strides that the SDPA has taken and the accomplishments that have been achieved over the past 23 years are nothing shy of astounding.  Our relationship with the AAD has grown stronger; the educational offerings to our members have increased exponentially, and we are the nation’s largest PA specialty organization.  Absolutely amazing! As your Vice President I will continue to strive to be a visionary leader focusing not only on the current needs of our members, but will do my utmost to proactively anticipate the future needs of our specialty and organization.  Most importantly, my ultimate goal is to lead our organization in a positive direction that will not only serve our members and specialty, but also advocate on behalf of our patients. 

More specifically, I believe that the SDPA needs to continue to cultivate enhanced communication among leaders and members within our organization, as well as with the American Academy of Dermatology, increase awareness of member benefits and networking opportunities, encourage and assist state chapter development, seek out and encourage member participation within our society, continue to offer high quality and affordable CME events, increase distance learning opportunities and promote involvement as we launch our new Diplomate Fellowship program.

You have my steadfast commitment to work wholeheartedly with the SDPA Board of Directors to bring further strength and integrity to our organization. I would sincerely be honored to continue serving as your Vice President. 

Jacki Kment, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA

SDPA Diplomate


John V. Notabartolo, MPAS, PA-C 

We stand at a crossroads regarding the future of practice authority for our profession. The AAPA is, for the first time, seriously considering expanding PA practice authority to remove the current complex restrictions of required physician oversight. If this is done with care, we will experience a great period of growth and expansion of the PA profession. We are members of the largest AAPA specialty organization and have an enormous stake, and voice, in this process. As Vice President of the SDPA, I will work with the SDPA Board of Directors, and through them, the AAPA to move us forward.

We need to stand united against the physicians who would demean and degrade our profession and the organizations and publications that give them voice. PAs see more patients, write more prescriptions, and have better patient satisfaction. These are facts we can use to influence those that seek to discredit our education, training and experience as dermatology PAs. Through partnering with our supporters and more vigorous publication and outreach, we can better educate our detractors.

My experiences as a Past President of the SDPA, chair of both the Legislative Affairs and Media Relations committees, current Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Dermatology PA Foundation (DPAF) give me a broad view of all aspects of our organization. Many years working as chairperson and member of AAPA committees, 17 years in dermatology, and 21 years of Air Force service give me a unique perspective of how PAs can and do function in the world outside the SDPA. I can see all the things we are capable of, as an organization, and as individual medical providers, and would like to help us attain our highest potential by continuing to serve you.

I seek to serve our members and help enhance the position of dermatology PAs in the medical community. I humbly ask for your support, and your vote as Vice President of the Society of Dermatology PAs.

Respectfully Submitted,

John V. Notabartolo, MPAS, PA-C


Jimmy (Nghia) Tran, MPAS, PA-C

To have an impactful role within an organization whose main objectives are to educate, expand, and advance the professional development and influence of Dermatology PAs, along with volunteering and helping the community and healthcare through philanthropy, to me, it is a no-brainer decision in wanting to earn this opportunity to become a bigger part of the SDPA as Vice President. The SDPA has grown since its infancy and birth in 1994 to having over 2,700 members today, and since then, have helped many students, professionals, and educators for many years. I believe that the organization and myself share a similar vision and set of goals, which include the continued development of our profession, our roles and duties, and to continue practicing excellent healthcare within the field of dermatology.

I can honestly say that I am truly grateful and appreciative of the help provided to me from the SDPA and its members over the years in assisting in beginning and continuing my growth as a PA in dermatology. It was a privilege and honor for me to be among the few to speak before the audience, introduce, and help kick off the 2017 Vegas Fall Conference last year, as well as host a meet and greet for local Nevada providers, and it helped solidify and fuel my desire in wanting to do more and play a bigger role for the organization. I believe my experience as a licensed Dermatology PA currently working actively and independently between clinics within California, Arizona, and Nevada, as well as my vision and desire for continued growth of our profession, will be a positive asset as VP of the SDPA. Not only did I excel and grow as a provider, but I also have experience in opening offices and clinics, and managing most of every-day operations including billing, human resources, advertisement and marketing, and much more, as if I was running an organization myself. I understand what it takes to keep a company and organization running and operating optimally, with goals and vision of expansion of not just short term, but also with long term ambition. More than anything, I just want to help; to incorporate my ideas, views, and experience with the Board of Directors, and to hear and listen theirs. I truly believe that success and excellence cannot be achieved without teamwork and cooperation, and together, I think we can achieve just that.

I am more than excited for this opportunity to work with our SDPA President, Board of Directors, and the committee and organization in any way I can and asked to, to help propel, and achieve our goals and objectives. As a PA, it is my job and duty to help my patients to the best of my knowledge, skills, and in any way I possibly can, and that is what I plan to do as Vice President for the SDPA. Together, I think we can achieve much more than we already have, which has been a lot, but I believe that there’s still much more to be done for our organization, for our profession, and for the field of dermatology.  With your vote and consideration, I hope you find me as a prime candidate to be your next Vice President of the SDPA, and together, we can continue the SDPA’s growth and impact for our current and future PAs, and for dermatology, medicine, and healthcare. Regardless of the outcome, I still plan to help and continue in being a part of the SDPA. This organization has done much in having a positive impact on my professional career and growth, and I can’t wait to see how much more individuals we can help in the years to come like ourselves. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Jimmy (Nghia) Tran, MPAS, PA-C



3 Candidates - 2 Open Positions


Amber Blair MMS, PA-C

I believe that nothing happens by accident. That through the journey of life, we wind up exactly where we are meant to be. I believe that all our actions should be fueled by passion and supported by an infrastructure of dedication, hard work and integrity. The field of dermatology is my true passion and this is exactly where I am meant to be. From caring for patients in clinic, to lecturing at a University Physician Assistant program, to hosting students as a preceptor, to participating in community outreach projects and going on mission trips, I truly love every aspect that this unique career has to offer. Being a physician assistant in the field of dermatology has provided such fulfillment to my life, that I am dedicated to give back exponentially to this organization and profession, striving to make a positive impact on the future of dermatology.

The SDPA is such an amazingly innovative and dynamic organization that constantly works to improve our field and the quality of care that we are able to provide. Over the past two decades the SDPA has shown tremendous growth, and I hope to have the opportunity to contribute to its continuing expansion and magnitude. This past year, I was very privileged to have been invited to join the state chapter, Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants, as Director at Large. Through this appointment, and with the support of an amazing board of directors, I have learned an incredible amount over such a short timeframe. This position has allowed me to gain great insight on the inner workings of this type of organization and the dedication that is required to be a successful and impactful addition to a board of directors.  Additionally, this experience has afforded me a better understanding of the responsibilities and the duties of the Director at Large position. I am confident that this knowledge makes me uniquely qualified and will allow me to better serve the SDPA organization and its members. If elected for this prestigious leadership position, I will focus my efforts on giving back to the organization and my colleagues in a variety of focuses to include education, advocating, networking and support. Additionally, I would like to strengthen the bonds between the state chapters and SDPA, making sure each state chapter is empowered with the tools that they need to be successful. With strength in numbers, knowledge and a latticework of support, I believe that our organization and profession will continue to advance, evolve and flourish.

Through the practice of dermatology, I have worked to create a unique niche, which enables me to encompass many of the things in medicine that I am passionate about, in such a way that exemplifies the principals that I believe in. I couldn’t be more grateful for where my career path has taken me thus far, and feel fortunate to serve my patients, my colleagues and the entire dermatology industry. I am extremely honored and humbled to have received this nomination for Director at Large, and truly appreciate your support.

Amber Blair, MMS, PA-C


Renata M. Block, MMS, PA-C

I am honored to run for Director at Large for the SDPA. I have been a Dermatology PA since 2003 and have seen a gratifying, positive change to our profession. My rewarding career has been enhanced by being an SDPA member and I could not be more thankful. I am always honored to give back and I am passionate for our profession. The SDPA, along with all the PA profession specialties, is what I love to devote my time to because together we can make a difference.

Being very active with the SDPA since 2012, I am proud to share with you my accomplishments. I am currently serving as your Committee Chair for the Constituent Relations Committee and have helped promote 19 SDPA State Affiliates and 3 SDPA State Liaisons. The dedication and hard work of these affiliates have been highlighted, not only in our newsletters, but at the annual conferences. Each State appreciates how valuable it is to be part of the big picture, the SDPA. I have worked tirelessly as an advocate for PA State Rights and the recognition of Dermatology PAs within States. Working on the 2017 SDPA Salary Survey, the new Diplomate Fellowship Program has only ignited my passion for the Dermatology PA profession even more.

Before becoming involved with the SDPA, I am proud to let you know I helped promote the Illinois Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants; I served as its President for 4 years. Hundreds of my volunteer work hours helped transform a 20 member society into a membership of well over a 100. I am still in constant contact with many of its members to help them with their contract negotiations as well as other advice and guidance that they seek.

I believe my work experience provides me with an extensive background needed to be a successful SDPA Director at Large. My dedication will be just the beginning of something even more rewarding, helping you. I appreciate your consideration as I would be honored to represent you in the next two years as your SDPA Director at Large.


Renata M. Block, MMS, PA-C


Martha L. Sikes, MS, RPh, PA-C 

As a long-time active member member of the SDPA and proud Dermatology PA for 15 years, it would be my pleasure to serve as the Director at Large for this incredible organization. The mission of SDPA is to advance the care of patients through the education and empowerment of Dermatology PAs. In order to accomplish this mission, effective leadership and member support is key. The PA profession is currently evaluating the AAPA’s Full Practice Authority and Responsibility, and the SDPA was one of the first organizations to provide input to the AAPA task force regarding this proposal. As Blog Moderator for the SDPA, I assisted the Board of Directors in crafting the initial response to this proposal on behalf of the organization and continue to encourage all PAs and physicians to become familiar with this issue. While this proposal is designed to ensure that PAs do not professionally fall behind NPs with regards to insurance reimbursement and regulation of licensure, there are still many aspects of the proposal that require member and organization input before the proposal is fully presented to the medical community. As Director at Large, I will assist the SDPA Board of Directors in obtaining member feedback concerning the proposal and in maintaining open communication with leaders from other PA organizations.

Over the past two years, I have had the honor of assisting the SDPA in achieving its mission of bringing quality education to our members through my position as Blog Moderator, assisting SDPA leaders with various aspects of the summer and fall CME conferences, and most recently as a member of the Distance CME Committee. Educating PAs, the community, and healthcare team is my passion. My experience as a Program Director and Clinical Assistant Professor at Mercer University in conjunction with clinical experience as a Dermatology PA and pharmacist have allowed me to aid the Distance CME Committee in the development of the new Diplomate Fellowship program for the SDPA. In addition, I am currently using my academic experience in the area of PA research and publication to assist the DPAF (Dermatology PA Foundation) in creating the research arm of this philanthropic organization. 

As healthcare continues to undergo major changes, it is vital that we, as Dermatology Physician Assistants, stay abreast of these changes so that we may continue to deliver patient care of the highest quality. This requires solid leadership ability and constant communication with many of our other Physician Assistant organizations, such as AAPA and the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). I have fostered relationships with many of these organizations’ leaders through active membership and my experience in the PA education academic setting. In addition, my experience as Director at Large for the Georgia Dermatology Physician Assistants (GDPA) and membership on the the Physician Assistant Advisory Committee to the Georgia Composite Medical Board have prepared me to serve the members of SDPA. My personal connections with leaders from other PA organizations and extensive clinical and academic experience will be a valuable asset to SDPA members, and as Director at Large, I pledge to ensure our place as exceptional medical providers and continue the growth and recognition of the SDPA.

Thank you for your support!

Martha Sikes, MS, RPh, PA-C 



2 Candidates - 1 Open Position


Susan R. Hammerling, PA, MPAS, DFAAPA


My name is Susan Hammerling and I have been practicing as a Dermatology Physician Assistant since 2001. I am humbly asking for you to support me as Candidate for the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA) Junior House of Delegate Representative.  I would be honored to represent the SDPA at the AAPA national level meetings, as well as communicating to the SDPA members on important policy issues affecting Physician Assistants and promoting SDPA member involvement in legislative issues. I have an extensive background of over 20 years of working in the political arena with legislators, legislative aides, and being a campaign coordinator and volunteer in SC and FL.


A brief summary of my political background which started in high school is that I was selected to attend Florida American Legion Girls State  which provided citizenship training during my junior year of high school, had the opportunity to serve as a US Congressional Intern for Jim Bacchus, served as SDPA Legislative Chair 2008-2010, Legislative Liasion for National Associaton of Alopecia Areata, campaign coordinator and volunteer since 1992 for Florida State House, Senate Races, United States Congressional, Gubernatorial, Presidential races, appointed to Brevard County Planning& Zoning Board, elected as Vice Chair of Brevard County Republican Executive Committee, winner of 2014 Florida Today Volunteer of the Year, selected as Finalist 2014 Leadership Brevard LEAD 4 Under 4, selected as 2015 Hometown Hero and rode with the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, graduate of the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute, and member of the Brevard Civilian Military Organization.

During my involvement in medicine and politics, I have been a voice and have advocated on behalf of Physician Assistants and constituents in my community. Each month, I contribute as a guest columnist for the Health Section for the Florida Today newspaper as well as meet and talk with Florida legislators on a regular basis for numerous important policies that have come before the legislature in Florida. I would like to continue my efforts at the national level by being the voice who will represent the will of the SDPA members.

I will represent your interests and concerns as SDPA members at the AAPA meetings regarding many PA issues including reimbursement, STEP Therapy, medical liability issues, and the transition of different healthcare delivery models with a new administration in the White House.I’d like to help advocate for Physician Assistants to be able to practice at the full capacity of their licenses by removing all barriers to full practice. Also, we must be recognized as providers by every third party-payer and have the same scope of practice as the physicians we work with.

Because of my extensive experience with local, state, and national politics and legislators and their staff, I believe that I’m qualified and have the knowledge to represent the SDPA. It is an exciting time to be a PA and because the landscape of medicine is changing rapidly, we must continue to be adaptable. The elected SDPA House of Delegates representative will have an important role with shaping the direction of the AAPA and our profession.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me as a candidate and again I humbly ask for your vote for me as SDPA House of Delegates representative. I appreciate your consideration for House of Delegates candidate and look forward to working on your behalf.

Susan R. Hammerling, PA, MPAS, DFAAPA



Jang Mi Johnson, PA-C

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

My name is Jang Mi Johnson. I am running for the position of SDPA Delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates. The AAPA, as the governing body of all PAs, is responsible for making sure that we, as PAs, stand on a united front when an issue affecting our practice should arise. As a delegate for the SDPA, I would be responsible for representing the membership of the SDPA in the AAPA House of Delegates. There are a multitude of issues that arise every year that indirectly and directly affect our practice as dermatology PAs. Currently, the AAPA has been exploring the importance of Full Practice Authority and Responsibility (FPAR), which would reduce some restrictions on how we practice as dermatology PAs and decrease some perceived liability by our employers. The SDPA has taken a position of support of FPAR as long as we remain a profession that continues to also support the team-based approach to patient care. This issue arose in the last House of Delegates, and I would be honored to continue to see this through.

I have been a volunteer for the SDPA leadership for over 7 years as a the Public Relations Committee Chair, where I have been responsible for helping to bridge the knowledge gap about dermatology PAs and how we are a benefit to any dermatologist, as Director-at-Large on the Board of Directors where I continued as the board advisor for the Public Relations Committee and then the Student Affairs Committee. I am currently the SDPA senior delegate, as I have spent the last two years representing the SDPA and its members, through the NCCPA certification changes and now the current FPAR. My tenure as the Immediate-Past President of the Illinois Society of Dermatology PAs is ending, and I look forward to continuing to focus my energy to improving the dermatology PA profession at the national level. I have also been a volunteer in the AAPA House of Delegates as a Teller, Election Committee Chair, and the Sergeant-at-Arms since 2002.

I enjoy volunteering in leadership for the SDPA and will continue to volunteer for as long as there is a need! I look forward to serving you in any capacity, but hopefully as your representative as SDPA Delegate to the House of Delegates. I appreciate your participation in this election process.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jang Mi Johnson, PA-C



SDPA Annual Summer Dermatology Conference 2018 - NOW OPEN!
June 28-July 1, 2018 – Westin Hotel – Seattle, WA
Pre-Conference June 27

16th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference 2018
November 1-4, 2018 – Loews Portofino –Orlando, FL

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